Trigger City Reviews

"Sean Chercover's second book, after 2007's terrific Big City Bad Blood, manages to rise to a unique height . . . In many ways the book could be the first of a new age of crime fiction."
- Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

"Highly entertaining . . . fast-moving, suspenseful . . . Chercover is a colorful, quotable writer . . . It's good to find a serious political message embedded in such stylish prose."
- Patrick Anderson, Washington Post

"Chercover nails it."
- Time Out Chicago

"Thrilling . . . Chercover has found a way to connect the humanistic and politically-charged world view of Burke’s Dave Robicheaux books with the adrenaline-fueled storytelling of Child’s Jack Reacher adventures. The result is terrific entertainment that comments on the real world around us in a very disquieting manner. Masterful."
- Connecticut Post

"Crime fiction at its best."
- Winston-Salem Journal

"A page-turner with thoughtful pauses . . . Chercover has shown what good writing is all about."
- The Oregonian

"A keen sense of irony."
- New York Times

"The language is gritty, the characters deliciously credible and the suspense riveting. One of the best PI novels I've read in ages."
- Margaret Cannon, Globe & Mail

"Chercover blows open any and all preconceived notions of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security - and poignantly reminds us to never underestimate the power of the underdog."
- LAKE Magazine

"Explosive . . . torn from tomorrow's headlines."
- Lansing State Journal

"Chercover provides insights that come only from doing time in the trenches. He clearly knows the city inside out. Utterly believable."
- Chicago Sun Times

"A gripping thriller . . . A hard-boiled Don Quixote."
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Ray Dudgeon is one of the most human detectives I’ve read since I discovered Crais and Connelly.  When people ask who my favorite new writers are, I have a very short list, and Chercover is on the top."
- Crimespree Magazine

"Chercover writes well-rounded characters with believable flaws, and his timely, convincing exploration of the military-industrial complex extends this thriller beyond its traditional genre."
- Entrepreneur Magazine

"Gritty . . . the subject matter is heavy (and timely). And the likable but always tough Dudgeon is a worthy successor to Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch and Robert Crais's Elvis Cole."
- Library Journal

"Moving . . . Chercover's debut novel gained praise and attention. Trigger City is better . . . a sensation in the making."
- Hamilton Spectator

"Chercover brings a crackling authenticity to Dudgeon, paying homage to the noir masters while creating a doggedly stubborn new hero all his own."
- Publishers Weekly

"Exceptional. Chercover’s writing is always a pleasure to read."
- Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Grabs you from the first sentence. The plot is tightly woven, and Chercover never cheats . . . The understated eloquence found in the best hard-boiled fiction runs throughout the book. Trigger City is a must-read.
- New Mystery Reader

"Wonderfully noir-tinted. Excellent."
- Booklist

"Dudgeon is an intelligent, complex and tormented protagonist with good intentions that don't always produce the results he wants or anticipates. The resolution of this case is pure genius . . . the hook at the end has me eagerly anticipating the next book in this thrilling series."
- Fresh Fiction

"It's an iron fist in a velour glove, and it doesn't miss the mark."
- Calgary Herald

"Trigger City is a must-read."
- Bookloons

"Chercover shows he has a few aces up his sleeve. Trigger City is such a great follow-up that it should propel Chercover to a wider audience. Look for this book to make a few end-of-year lists, including mine."
- Bookgasm

"Will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire ride. Big City Bad Blood won several prizes. Trigger City is even better."
- Armchair Interviews

"Chercover lends bruising authenticity to his series. See what critics and fans are raving about."
- Madison County Herald (MS)

- Pop Syndicate

"Another masterful stroke from the pen of Sean Chercover."
- The Strand Magazine

"A well-written novel that is filled with plot twists and turns . . . Chercover's knowledge about the private detective business lends a sense of authenticity, as does his familiarity of Chicago."
- Deseret News (UT)

Bookseller Reviews...

"Chercover has crafted a smart, well put together, and fast moving narrative that will have you on the edge of your seat by the end of the book."
- Robin Agnew, Aunt Agatha's (Ann Arbor, MI)

"I loved this book! I devoured it."
- Marian Misters, Sleuth of Baker Street (Toronto, ON)

"Just finished Trigger City by Sean Chercover - wow! I like his style: clean, fast, like classic Robert B. Parker. Handselling this one will be fun!"
- Linda Brown, The Mystery Bookstore (Los Angeles, CA)

"Chercover is a former PI in real life and his experience gives his books a unique believability. Dudgeon is an excellent lead character, vulnerable yet tough and hard if the need arises. His plotting is first rate and his characters ring true."
- Richard Katz, Mystery One (Milwaukee, WI)





Jacket Quotes...

"Listen to me. Read this book. TRIGGER CITY is blue-collar human drama, packed with action and heart-breaking moments of truth."
- Robert Crais

"Riveting and terrifying - a true thriller in every sense of the word. Masterful."
- Sara Paretsky

“Superb – dark poetry and violence in a seamless narrative of love, pain and redemption. TRIGGER CITY will break your heart in ways you never imagined.”
- Ken Bruen

"Taut, hair-raising and ultimately enriching.  You will not be disappointed."
- Andrew Gross

"Sharp, translucent, and original."
- Loren D. Estleman

"TRIGGER CITY secures Sean Chercover's place as one of the best crime writers of his generation. It grabs you hard on the first page and doesn’t let go, even after you’ve closed the book."
- Tasha Alexander

"Sean Chercover delivers a powerhouse. The freshest voice in the genre."
-Wayne Kramer, writer/director: The Cooler and Crossing Over

Even Uncle Sam likes the book: