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The Outfit
The Outfit is a collective blog featuring Chicago crime writers Sara Paretsky, Libby Hellmann, Barbara D'Amato, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Laura Caldwell, David Ellis, Kevin Guilfoile, Marcus Sakey, David Heinzmann . . . and me.


The American Booksellers Association has been representing independent bookstores since 1900. My math ain't great, but that's a long time.

The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association is a great organization. Find an independent mystery bookstore near you. You'll be glad you did.

IndieBound is dedicated to bringing readers and indie booksellers together. A worthy goal, if you ask me. Find a local independent bookstore near you.

American Library Association. Supporting libraries, literacy, and intellectual freedom.


The Innocence Project - A shocking number of innocent people are languishing in our prisons ... and for every innocent in prison, there's still a bad guy out on the streets. Let's help clean up this mess.

Crime Lab Project - Our nation's crime labs are underfunded and overworked. The Crime Lab Project doesn't want your money; it wants you to add your voice and pressure our elected officials to properly fund crime labs and help the police do their jobs.

ASPCA - Be kind to animals.

SPCA - Canadians love their furry friends too.

Easter Seals - Helping people with disabilities for over 85 years.


Mystery Writers of America

International Thriller Writers Association