The Savior’s Game

Daniel Byrne is haunted by the future. Literally.

It happened to his uncle. It happened to the woman he loves. And now it’s happening to him.

It started as a voice only he could hear. Then he found himself visiting another world. A world both familiar and strange. A world inextricably linked to our own.
And the things he sees there, come true…here. It’s a power others are willing to kill for.

There’s no one Daniel can trust. Nowhere to hide. Chased across the globe by mysterious assassins, he struggles to decipher the visions plaguing him. Visions of miracles and massacres, conspiracy and catastrophe. And behind it all, a powerful adversary the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

One thing that’s clear: the universe is warning him of a cataclysmic change, an event that is either a bloody Armageddon or a shining new beginning. Daniel thinks he can see the answer—and maybe even change the outcome, before it’s too late.
But there’s a fine line between messiah and madman.

“The Savior’s Game is even more engrossing than the first two books…”Fresh Fiction

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The Devil’s Game

The Universe is trying to tell us something.

Daniel Byrne spent ten years as a Vatican investigator, scrutinizing and debunking miracle claims—until he burned that life to the ground when one investigation shook his faith and revealed disturbing earthly conspiracies. Determined to find the truth, he steps into a new life of secrets and lies, joining a powerful group that wields hidden influence over world events.

Daniel infiltrates a covert government facility and uncovers a bizarre new strain of the Plague that seems to flood the minds of its victims with visions of the future. Teaming up with disgraced physician Kara Singh, a woman beset with inexplicable visions of her own, Daniel traces the root of this deadly pathogen around the globe, and discovers a terrifying truth.

In this fast-paced sequel to the bestselling The Trinity Game, can Daniel navigate a shadow world of secrets and conspiracy to stop a pandemic with devastating global consequences?

“Snappy, smart, and satisfying, it makes for a compulsive read.”Chelsea Cain, New York Times bestselling author of One Kick

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The Trinity Game

Would you know a miracle if you saw one? Daniel Byrne is an investigator for the Vatican’s secretive Office of the Devil’s Advocate—the department that scrutinizes miracle claims. Over ten years and 721 cases, not one miracle he tested has proved true.

But case #722 is different; Daniel’s estranged uncle, a crooked TV evangelist, has started speaking in tongues—and accurately predicting the future. Daniel knows Reverend Tim Trinity is a con man. Could Trinity also be something more?

The evangelist himself is baffled by his newfound power—and the violent reaction it provokes. After years of scams, he suddenly has the ability to predict everything from natural disasters to sports scores. Now the mob wants him dead for ruining their gambling business, and the Vatican wants him debunked as a false messiah. On the run from assassins, Trinity flees with Daniel’s help through the back roads of the Bible Belt to New Orleans, where Trinity plans to deliver a final prophecy so shattering his enemies will do anything to keep him silent.

“The Trinity Game takes the reader on the wildest of rides, from a fabulous and truly diabolical premise to a shattering finale that will leave you gasping for breath. This is one hell of a good thriller.”Douglas Preston, bestselling author of Blasphemy and The Monster of Florence

Wall Street Journal Best-seller. Shortlisted for the ITW Thriller Award, Anthony Award and Arthur Ellis Award

Video: The Trinity Game in 15 seconds!

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Trigger City

The job is a loser, but maybe Ray Dudgeon can bring some peace to a grieving father who yearns to learn the truth about the daughter he never really knew. A routine investigation. An open-and-shut case. Closure. But what begins as routine soon spirals out of control. The victim was not simply a quiet, shy, unassuming single woman whose luck ran out. She lived a double life, working in the shadowy realm of covert intelligence. In a world of lies, she fought for truth—and gave her life in the fight. Ray now knows too much, and he must discover who’s really pulling the strings before he becomes collateral damage in America’s war on terror.

Winner, Best Novel: IMBA Dilys Award, Crimespree Award

Shortlisted for: Anthony Award, Barry Award, Macavity Award

“It’s good to find a serious political message embedded in such stylish prose.”Washington Post

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Big City, Bad Blood

Disillusioned newspaper reporter-turned-private detective Ray Dudgeon doesn’t want to save the world; he just wants to do and honest job well. But when doing an honest job threatens society’s most powerful and corrupt, Ray’s odds of survival make for a sucker’s bet. A simple bodyguard job for a Hollywood locations manager uncovers a rats’ nest of sexual blackmail, murder, and high-level political corruption . . . and Ray Dudgeon is caught in a war between the FBI, the Chicago police, and the mob. With the line between good and bad blurring, Ray doesn’t know who he can trust . . . or if he can even trust himself.

Winner, Best First Novel: Shamus Award, Gumshoe Award, Crimespree Award, Lovey Award

Shortlisted for: ITW Thriller Award, Anthony Award, Arthur Ellis Award, Barry Award

“Terrific. Chercover is an impressively talented crime novelist.”Chicago Tribune

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EIGHT LIES (About the Truth)

EIGHT LIES (About the Truth) is a collection of previously published stories, along with a couple previously unavailable. Includes “A Sleep Not Unlike Death” which won the Anthony Award for Best Short Story and was shortlisted for the Edgar, the CWA Dagger, and the Macavity awards. Also includes “One Serving of Bad Luck” which won the CWA Short Story Dagger Award.

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