I hang out on Twitter a lot (you may have noticed the Twitter feed on the home page), and I’d love to have you follow me there. My handle, not surprisingly, is @seanchercover. In addition to the usual nonsense and banter, I often tweet links to news items that catch my eye, and songs – lots of songs. I’m a music junkie. I also tweet about books a lot. Obviously. Books I’m reading, books by friends, books long ago that stuck with me.  I do occasionally link to interviews and reviews and events I’m attending, but I try to keep the BSP (blatant self-promotion) to a minimum.

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For media requests, or if you’d like me to speak at your book club, bookstore, library, or prison, please contact my Thomas & Mercer publicist Grace Doyle at

Dan Conaway from Writers House represents my work. So if you’re here to talk business, Dan’s the man. Some translation rights have been sold, but others are available. Same goes for film/television rights. If interested, please inquire.